5 SEO Rules You Must Follow For #1 Rankings

If you want to rank #1 in Google then there are some rules you need to follow. Below I have listed the 5 main rules that you must follow if you want to ensure your top rankings in Google.

Rule 1 – Don’t use comment links

Links from comments on sites are super spammy these days and can actually hurt you.

Rule 2 – Don’t link back from adult sites

While adult traffic is one of the greatest forms of traffic in the world, they simply aren’t good when it comes to backlinks. Sure there are some places where this works, but not in 2014 where SEO is concerned.

Rule 3 – Hire the right SEO company

There are a lot of rules when it comes to hiring an SEO company but the main thing you should be worried about is if they have gotten results in the past. One of my favorite SEO companies is AIHSP based in LA. It will definitely get you on the right track for your SEO results.

Rule 4 -Don’t outsource

Outsourcing may sound like a dream but it’s not the best option when you want high quality work done. You get what you pay for.